Matthew McDermott

Matthew is a founder and director at Aptillon, Inc. An eleven-time Microsoft SharePoint Server MVP, he splits his professional time between consulting, training and presenting on all things SharePoint and Office 365. Matthew specializes in Office 365 and SharePoint Integration, Strategy and Implementation, helping his clients solve business problems with SharePoint. Matthew is a speaker, content author, blogger and specialist in SharePoint technologies focused on search, collaboration, web content management. An accomplished cook and bartender, in his spare time Matt spends as much time with his wife as his dog will allow.

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24 October
09:00 - 16:30
Pre-Conference Workshop Room C

Configuring SharePoint Hybrid Workloads

Track: IT Pro

This workshop will detail the prerequisites for SharePoint Hybrid configuration and clarify the SharePoint hybrid workloads. Through many demonstrations, this workshop will step through the phases of configuration for hybrid connections to Office 365 and present options for managing the hybrid configuration.

26 October
09:00 - 10:15 Room A

IT Pros Guide to Managing SharePoint Search

Track: IT Pro

Search is only one part of SharePoint, who has the time to focus on it? You should. Search is such a large part of how SharePoint functions that you need to pay attention to the care and feeding. This session focuses on the 5 things that you should be paying attention to and how you [...]

26 October
12:35 - 12:55 Room B

5 More Query Rules Every SharePoint Pro Should Know

Track: Business/Functional

This fast-paced session will introduce you to 5 more query rules that will help your end users find what they seek and maybe even put a smile on your face.

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