Maarten Boender

Maarten has been active as an entrepreneur: starting and running successful, small, agile software companies.

As co-founder and Product Owner of Sphereon ( Maarten now focusses on Product- and Business Development and on Strategy, like the impact of Blockchain on our industry.

Sphereon provides the leading API-platform for Document Processing and Blockchain, a crucial building-block of today’s API economy.

Besides thinking about long-term strategy, Maarten finds Product- and Business Development still the most interesting and fulfilling aspects of his daily work.

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25 October
17:25 - 17:45 Room E

Blockchain: What’s all the fuss about?

Track: IT Pro

Blockchain. You must have heard the term. Is it a hype, another buzzword, or is it going to change our world as industry leaders as Gartner, MIT and Microsoft claim? I also believe that blockchain will have wide-reaching implications that will transform many businesses and industries, including our own. But what is it and how [...]

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