Asif Rehmani

Asif has been training, consulting and mentoring on primarily Microsoft SharePoint technologies since 2002. He has been awarded SharePoint Server MVP for 10 consecutive years – since 2007. Asif provides online and in-person SharePoint training publicly and in private workshops. In addition to mentoring and teaching, Asif also is the CEO of VisualSP ( which provides a context sensitive help system for SharePoint end users.

Asif has authored several books over the years. He is the author of “SharePoint 2013 – First Look for Power Users”. He is also the co-author of the books “Professional SharePoint Designer 2007”, “Beginning SharePoint Designer 2010” and “Real World SharePoint 2010” by Wrox publications .

Asif has been a speaker at conferences since 2006 on numerous SharePoint topics. His speaking engagements has taken him to several places around the world such as USA, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, New Zealand, UK and more at which he has spoken at many conferences including Microsoft’s TechEd, Ignite, SharePoint Conference, SPTechCon, European SharePoint Conference, SharePoint Connections, SharePoint Fest, Evolutions, Best Practices Conference, SharePoint Saturdays, SharePoint Roadshows and more.

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